Battle of Culloden part 1

It would be easy to view Outlander as a love story, but in fact that's only part of the tale told. 

The first 3 Season's were about Jamie and Claire's dedicated efforts in preventing the Battle of Culloden, one of the most shocking events in History. 

We have seen Jamie's devotion to his family, to his Kinsmen and he will do anything including kill to protect them.

What lessons should we take home from the Jacobites?

Firstly, they didn't focus on the odds that were stacked against them. They didn't say; "Oh no- there's only 1500 odd of us versus about 7000 of them. 

The Jacobites didn't let the fact the British army had more powerful and advance weapons than them but they were still willing to fight and go into battle for their kinsmen, for their country. 

I write this almost one month prior to the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden which took place on the 16th April, 1746.

Depending on who you speak with, any view it as a war between Scotland and England. Others view it as a civil war. 

The hopeful intention that motivated the Jacobites was they wanted to have a Stuart King on the throne. 

Whilst being led by Bonnie Prince Charles Edward Stuart (normally referred to as Bonnie Prince Charlie), their efforts were concentrated on restoring James VIII as King.

The opposing British forces were led by the Duke of Cumberland using George II's Government army.

The initial victory for the side of the Jacobite's took place in Falkirk, and then the goal was to prevent the Duke of Cumberland's men from taking Inverness.

At this time it was becoming clear the resources needed for the Jacobites were short in supply- food, money and men in general.

Realising they needed more to win, this was when the Jacobites relied on a surprise attack however with their slow speed mostly due to starvation and poor conditions, they decided on retreating. 

Despite their exhaustion, Bonnie Prince Charlie still insisted they continue their pluan to enter into battle where they were standing on Culloden Moor. 

That afternoon the Jacobites initiated what could be described one of the most bloodiest but also quickest battles. 

If you've been to Scotland, if you've seen the land you would know it wasn't easy conditions to work under especially during Winter. 

Starving, freezing and exhaustion all contributed to the outcome. The land itself was boggy, muddy and uneven. 

I have been to Culloden Moor on a cold Winter's morning and unless you have it's difficult to fathom the extreme conditions that worked against them- both physically and environmentally. 

It is of fairly widespread opinion that the Bonnie Prince Charlie was somewhat of a coward during all of these events, who watched the battle unfold from safety whilst his men were slaughtered by the Duke of Cumberland's army all within less than an hour. 

In total, 1300 men lost their lives that day, about 1250 being those of the Jacobites. 

To learn more about The Battle of Culloden head to the site of The National Trust for Scotland HERE

In the following video, I show you one of the sites where the location for The Battle of Culloden scenes were filmed in Outlander. 

Are you considering visiting the Culloden Moore?

Please remember and respect it is a burial ground and not a tourist attraction. Understandably, many locals are desperate for Outlander fans who visit the location treat it with respect.

Understand that many Scottish still visit their Clan stones to pay their respects. 

There have been occasions where the Fraser stone has been needed to be closed off because of so many Outlander fans visiting it. Some have not treated the ground with respect and in turn it has become unsafe to walk over (remember I said the grounds are very muddy and boggy already).

Are you intending to visit the Outlander locations on a self drive?

Some of the Outlander locations such as the following (which will be revealed later!) require confidence in driving on the left hand side of the road along challenging rural roads. 

Lots of pot holes, single tracked lanes, narrow and windy roads and all can be made even more difficult if you are not used to driving on the left hand side of the road. 

I strongly recommend not attempting these roads if you are not used to driving on the left hand side of the road

I have tried the other way around and it's not as easy as you may think.

Outlander merchandise for when we cannot travel and visit the locations as seen in Outlander:

One thing many are being quickly made aware of when a Pandemic forces countries to close their borders is the joy of travel. 

I know of several people online who had plans to visit Scotland for the purpose of visiting the stunning locations we have come to know and love. 

Characters such as Jamie and Claire bring meaning and a sense of personal identification with the locations when we see why they are so important as the Series unfolds. 

For those whose travel plans were stopped due to current global events, or simply cannot get to Scotland at this stage it's ok! You have another way of enjoying and being surrounded by the imagery.

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I look forward to seeing you on the other side, Sassenach! Laine.