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Sassenach, which parts of Outlander have you feeling particularly emotional because the story line was one that personally resonated with your life in some way?

This may have been a very short scene, but where Claire said good bye to Frank as she departed to be a combat nurse in the war was one of those scenes for me. 

Watching that scene in Outlander strongly had me thinking of how my Grandfather must have been feeling as he left to be a Soldier in WWII.








Loyal to his country must have been just a few of the emotions he was feeling as he did.

This part of the storyline was filmed at the Bo'Ness & Kinneal Railway station.

The Bo'Ness & Kinneal Railway is operated by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society and opened in 1981.

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This Vlog is dedicated to my late Grandparents;


Lieutenant colonel John George Allen of the British Army and;


Joan Thelma Allen, who nursed my Grandfather to health following WWII.