Welcome to Culross:

© Laine Allen, LA Photography

The Unicorn is Scotland's National Animal, and this particular Unicorn you may remember from the scenes in Outlander where the boy had his ear nailed to the pillory. That pillory prop was right next to this Unicorn statue.

It was in Culross where Thamas Braxton's home was and when he was sick from eating the plants from The Black Kirk (not too far away from Culross). Then, the Father made himself busy conducting an exorcism on the boy.

Geillis's home and parlour were also filmed in Culross. Claire's herb garden was also at the back of Culross Palace. 

In real life: 

It's hard to describe Culross except as a beautiful quaint town which I for one look forward to visiting again when it's less busier. I had visited Culross on an Outlander tour and about 2 tour buses arrived at the same time. 

It was therefore almost impossible to take any decent images without tourists in sight! This is why now when I am in Scotland I visit the locations at sunrise or sunset where I get to enjoy the locations all to myself!

It is also why my number one piece of advice is when visiting Outlander locations if doing a self drive: Get there early!


Especially in Culross because the lanes are quite narrow. If several tour buses of people are walking through them it really is difficult taking the images you want.

Culross is a 17th- century port town, and is located in the Historic town of Fife. 

Lined with cobblestone streets, Culross has many Outlander fans feeling they really have stepped back in time. 

As such, I highly recommend NO high heels because in no time you'll be stepping back falling down onto the ground!!

In fact most places on the Outlander tour will not suit high heels.