Outlander Edinburgh Season 3 location tour- Testimonials:

Watch Sam Heughan as he arrives for another day of work at the print shop- and I will take you there on

the Edinburgh walking tour!


This video was made by Outlandish Journey's, not me (sadly!)

Tia from Australia:

A fellow Aussie, Tia was here to enjoy the sights of Scotland. She did have another tour planned on the day I took her on her private walking tour, but I was honoured that she chose to do my tour instead;

Margaret from Scotland:

I will admit, I was somewhat nervous about doing a tour for a local Scottish lass. However, on the tour Margaret revealed why she was interested despite her Husband reminded her she knew the sights!

She told me although she was familiar with them she wanted to see them with the perspective of being used for filming locations. 

I reminded her that although her tour was complimentary, she told me she was going to book the tour anyway even if it wasn't. 

I also learnt a lot of History from her!

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