Improve your travel & landscape photography:

Hi there! My name is Laine and I would firstly like to emphasise I am not here to teach photography. That is not my goal. However, I do believe those learning photography may benefit. 

Where I would like to help others is to assist them in improving their travel photography. 

I know from experience what it's like to spend a long time saving money, and waiting to get on that plane. However, after an amazing time you come back home and all you have to show is crappy photos. 

In 2013 I went to New York and my mobile phone camera seemed to have cracked whilst I was away. As a result, it meant I came back with blurry images.


That's really when I decided to commit to helping others improve their travel photography. I hope wherever you are planning your journey to, that these videos allow you to return with at least a few awesome images to show your loved ones.

One of the key factors that I hope I am achieving by doing these videos is paying homage to the Architectural skill that has gone into these castles and buildings. By doing so, I hope it remind us of their expansive History and all of the events that must have taken place during the life times of these castles. 

Are you learning how to become better at your travel and landscape photography?

Firstly, I am not a photography teacher of any kind and that is not my primary objective in these videos. 

I am however a Fully Accredited Professional Photography wth the A.I.P.P of 5 years.

A multi international award winner including in the genres of "Nature & landscape" and "Travel & tourism".

I therefore hope with this background it shows I know a few things about photography. Oh and I have grown up with Nature my entire life. When I am listening intently, Nature reveals itself to me determining the final image. 

How I enhance detail in an image to make it a appear "more HD":

Adding rim light to Blackness Castle. How to achieve more of the "HD effect correctly:

Colour balance: