Partial location reveal for: Ellesmere & Versailles in Season 2 & Helwater in Season 3:

Sassenach, I am going to keep the written part of this short because the truth is I am so excited to get it published for you lassies and laddies!

Standing in the VERY spot that Jamie had been when saying good bye to Willie quite honestly nearly had me in tears as soon as I realised that's where I was standing! I didn't know I would be visiting that location. For me, as someone who has had to say good bye to my father I particularly found that scene emotionally hard. 

I am glad that young Master Willie had his answer as to why Jamie never looked back as he rode off, to not give Willie hope of seeing each other again. I think he probably most likely also knew his heart was going to break into a million years and what good father doesn't want to be strong for their son?

Honestly, I could probably talk about that particular scene for hours you can probably tell it was one I felt sympathetic towards. 

I will let the video do the talking! :) 

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I promise you that you will also find out why I am doing several partial Outlander location reveals and not all full ones. No, you will not be charged simply to find out where they are you should hopefully know by now I tend to give more than I should. 

I've discussed how strongly reacted to the emotion behind Jamie having to leave William. What about you- what are the scenes that particularly drew you in as either a reader or devoted binge watcher like me of Outlander?

Sassenach, as there are so many of these moments for me, in my work I have spent a lot of the last 2 years in Scotland so you (and myself!) can feel as though we have these locations at our hand and bring them to life and you can see how below. 

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