First and foremost, who is OUTLANDER THROUGH THE STONES FOR? 

I'll be bold and honest with you- it's not for all Outlander fans. Which Outlander fans will receive the most enjoyment about OUTLANDER THROUGH THE STONES then?

The hint is in the name: Through the stones to imply a journey is being taken. That is, I am going to take you on a tour of the SET OF OUTLANDER.  


Craigmillar Castle, the location used for Ardsmuir Prison.

What is wonderful about Outlander is there are so many aspects to become engaged in and enjoy!


For starters, some Outlander fans are loyal only to Diana Gabaldon and not the TV series, some are only obsessed (like me) with watching the series, some only want to hear news and updates about the cast and crew. Some only want to fill their feeds with images of Sam Heughan and all of these reasons are perfectly valid. There are an abundance of reasons to fall inlove with Outlander. 

However, I did not want my work to be just "another Outlander page" because there are so many wonderful admin's doing an incredible job tailoring to all of the above. 

If you're like me, you have literally been taken through the TV screen, onto the other side into Scotland and something has you feeling connected to and obsessed with the locations and Scotland itself. 

Perhaps in learning more about the Clans you have discovered you have Scottish family ties. 

Perhaps you have an insatiable love for Castles and architecture. 

Perhaps you have a keen interest in History. 

Perhaps you feel the need to explore the locations and enjoy your very own tour of Scotland and the locations themselves. 

If this is what draws you to Outlander, then you have found the right service for you! 



First and foremost, this is a business. That means I have exciting products and services available for those Sassenach's who want more of the set of Outlander in their homes or are doing Outlander self drives.


outlanderthroughthestones is managed by Laine Allen from LA Photography Pty Ltd which is a legally registered company within Australia.


I have a sole purpose to provide you with everything you need and desire to fully enjoy and experience the locations that have been used in Outlander. 

I want you to feel like you are bringing a piece of Outlander & Scotland into your home. 

I have exciting products and fine art Collections I am slowly introducing to truly offer you and interactive experience. 

Diana Gabaldon has an incredible talent for bringing us into the world she created. Through my imagery and work I want to achieve the same.



Firstly, my promise to you is by doing so I will not be flooding your inbox.


Your inbox is your space you want to receive your important emails from. I have to unsubscribe to so many companies and I don't want to be an annoyance to you. I want you to be looking forward to opening the emails from me which will have you feeling you have a piece of Outlander & Scotland being delivered to your inbox. 

What free stuff you ask?!

** I will be doing some videos on how to improve your travel photography. This has been a request especially by those who wish to go on their Outlander self drives and want to take photos that truly reflect their experience.

I once went to New York and my mobile phone wasn't working and all I came back with was blurred crappy photos. It was such a special time to be in New York too being they had an incredible snow blizzard and well.... my photos don't really reflect that visit and I was strongly disappointed. 

** I will also be doing some motivational videos. This may seem irrelevant but in my experience with talking to my audience I feel it's very relevant.


Many people simply believe they do not deserve this experience or it's in the "too hard" basket and I want to show them why they do. Look, it doesn't benefit me if you go or not but I do want you to realise your dream if it is that important to you. Why? I understand there is nothing worse than the feeling of regret of not achieving something. 

** Free screen savers of some of the images of some locations. For starters, as soon as you join this email list you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY screen saver of LALLYBROCH which is Midhope Castle in real life. 

My imagery is professional imagery of the locations. I am a multi international award winning photographer in the genres of portrait, landscape & travel and tourism. I truly want to bring you into the scenes through my imagery. 

Please allow up to 48 hours upon joining to receive this. If for some reason you have not received it, please email Laine at: to request your complimentary screen saver. 

** You will receive discounts to the wonderful Collections of products I have available for those Sassenach's who want to bring a piece of Outlander & Scotland into their homes. These can be found HERE


Sassenach, you are here because you want to experience more of the set of Outlander. That is, the locations. 

Up until now I have had videos such as the following available to any and all Outlander fans and now.... they will ONLY be available to those people on my emailing list. 

Welcome to Craigmillar Castle, used as Ardsmuir Prison: 



Sassenach, I have made a promise to you I will not flood your email too often. To begin with my time probably only permits me to send an email list once a week or fortnight. The only exception if I email you greater than that is if there is something really exciting and important to tell you about. 

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Sassenach whilst you are here I would also love to take the time to say thank you for supporting my work and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!


Warmest regards, Laine Allen.

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