End of the war scene: A partial Outlander location reveal:

.Being able to prepare this Blog/ Vlog means so much to me. I cannot tell you how many times I have searched high and low for this location it is the most difficult one to find and the most difficult one to access.


In total across multiple visits I attempted to find this location FIVE times!! On my last attempt, I was even at the actual property (!!!) but part of the difficulty is it is very concealed. To say I was determined is an understatement. My work I will soon be releasing however couldn't have been completed without visiting it. 

This scene may have been a short and sweet one, but I remember during the first time of watching Outlander for me it was one of those scenes that had me completely engrossed right from there. 

For some people, depending on what Blogs you have read I may sound like I am repeating myself but I need to write as if it is the first time people have read my Blogs. 

This scene meant so much to me because I instantly thought of my Grandfather at the end of the war, and what he must have felt. 

He wouldn't have been altogether happy because he was a wounded Soldier as he had lost his leg. 

He would have been like those Soldier's we saw Claire operating on. Left in pain, injuries and the post traumatic stress he would now have to start managing.

We need to remember just how lucky we are. We are for the most part not personally touched or affected by war.


Which Outlander locations particularly had a personal impact for you, Sassenach?

More under the video. 

Sassenach, I hope you enjoyed this very special Vlog. It's a shame they didn't show more of this unique and stunning location but good for us as I'm sure many would overlook it, keeping visitor numbers down! Obviously they had one purpose: to show the events of Claire's life it wasn't about the location. 

I'm sure many people probably overlook this site not realising just how special it is.

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I am out there, on location to bring this work to you especially for those of you who for now cannot get to Scotland. 

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My work has been created and designed from one Sassenach to another. 

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I look forward to seeing you on the other side, Sassenach!