Glasgow University:


I knew I wanted to visit this location but I was surprised at how much I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Part of the reason was due to the sensational sunrise I was greeted by. For this reason alone I highly recommend you arrive at the University early- say between 5.30 and 6am. You can double check sunrise times on Google too!

So many Outlander scenes took place throughout Glasgow University, where Brianna attended which was used to depict Harvard University. Examples include:

~ Frank's work gathering where his boss was somewhat "snide" to Claire.

~ Various classroom's for Brianna. 

~ We see where Bree takes Roger on a tour here and it is from this location you will find me below. 

It's no wonder they used Glasgow University to feature in Outlander being it was established in 1451 and is the forth oldest Universities in the English speaking world. The University ranks amongst the worlds top 100. Read more about the University HERE

There's more underneath the video, Sassenach!

There's one thing you can be guaranteed of when hunting for Outlander locations- it will get you out and about and touring the amazing countryside of Scotland! 

When you discover just how far across Scotland the Producer's travelled you have to arrive at one conclusion: The purpose of doing so is to showcase Scotland and all of its beauty

They could have made things more convenient for them by staying close to the filming studio, but no... they travelled near and far. Here's me at the studio! 


When I consider further their purpose of doing so, I believe they have a hidden message for us saying; "We have a beautiful largely un- discovered country for you to visit". You may or may not be aware but the "Outlander effect" is so largely felt all over the world that it has resulted in:

1/ Diana Gabaldon receiving an award for increasing Scottish Tourism because;

2/ In some of the Outlander locations, there have been reports of up to a 600% increase in visitors from faraway lands! 

If that doesn't say something Sassenach as to how special these Outlander locations are, then I'm not sure what will. 

It is precisely why I have started to put my talents to work so I could contribute in the only way I knew how because I found it was a needed gap to be filled. 

You can view the current product list of what is available HERE

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

With warmest regards, Laine.