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The difference between "Glencoe" versus "Glen Coe"


Important information for those who are 1/ Organising their own Outlander self drive and wanted to make sure they arrive at the correct spot (!!!) and 2/ For those interested in Gaelic terminology, which is the language the Outlander cast often speak in the Series. 

In Gaelic terms, "Glen" means a valley. Therefore this could be loosely translated to meaning Coe Valley or the Valley Coe. The Village is only about a 5 minute drive away from where I stood taking this. 

Glencoe (all one word) is the Village, so you can see why distinguishing the 2 is important. 

I often see the question is it essential to learn Gaelic if you are travelling to Scotland. It is definitely not. English is the language more frequently spoken in Scotland, but that doesn't mean some don't speak Gaelic. 

As you drive through The Highlands, you will see signs where they include both the English spelling (for example Glen Coe) and Gaelic spelling (Gleann Comhann).

Why the area of Glen Coe is so important to Scotland:

In 1962 the area was witness to some horrific events. The Macdonald clan of Glencoe were slaughtered by soldiers under Archibald Campbell, 10th earl of Argyll. 

Many Scottish clans remained loyal to King James II after being replaced on both the English and Scottish thrones by William III in 1689. 

Alexander Macdonald of Glencoe postponed his submission until December 31, 1391 and was unable to take his oath until January 6th due to no Magistrate at Fort William. 

Sir John Dalrympie therefore ordered the Macdonald clan to receive military punishment and they were attacked by Argyll soldiers. 

This is a summary of an excerpt from an Encyclopaedia Britannica article which can be found HERE

Nicole, a Scottish International Ballerina dances at Glen Coe in the snow:

If you decide to join us on the Outlander September 2020 tour, you may get to meet Nicole.


We maybe lucky enough to be able to have Midhope Castle all to ourselves- I am working very hard on this. 

Should we succeed, I have asked Nicole if she would like to dance for us so we can do a Destination portrait shoot at Midhope Castle. 

If not, I hope to have her on another one of the Destinations. This is all entirely dependant on her being in Scotland because she maybe still dancing overseas.