Welcome to Kinloch Rannoch- The Real "Craig Na Dun":

When watching Outlander we believe that Craig Na Dun is near Inverness. If like me you didn't do your research on your first visit (!!!), you would have experienced disappointment as I did on my first visit to Inverness. 

I firstly discovered Inverness did not look like Falkland (see Blog HERE), and that Craig Na Dun was not only not near Inverness, but it didn't exist at all!.


The trees can be found on Dunalastair Estate in Kinloch Rannoch, which is about a 45 minute drive from Glen Coe. 

Gaelic translation of the meaning of Kinloch Rannoch:

Being Gaelic language is used throughout Outlander, I thought some maybe interested in the translations for the name of this beautiful district of Scotland.

Kin: At the top of. 

Loch: A body of water. For example, such as the famous Loch Ness which is the equivalent of saying the River Ness. 

Rannoch: Bracken or trees. 

Therefore, appropriately it can be translated as "The top of a large body of water and trees". That is essentially where we will find Dunalastair Estate. 

Let me take you for a walk up to the trees and show you the sites of Kinloch Rannoch: