Welcome to Midhope Castle aka "Lallybroch":

In 1458, Medhope Castle was the original real life name for "Lallybroch", now officially known as "Midhope".

The first Laird of Midhope was John Martyne who built Medhope. 

Midhope Castle was decided to be used for Outlander in 2013. 

From Hopetoun House, this is a summary of an excerpt which can be read in full HERE

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Midhope Castle is of course one of the locations that will be on the tour!

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When visiting Midhope Castle:


Due to Midhope Castle receiving up to 200 visitors a day, and many ignoring the privacy of the residents at this location there is now a gate at the bottom of the drive to prevent after hours visitations of the property. 


During this time you can still see the forest.


I highly recommend that you do, because not only is it a beautiful walk through it is used in some of the scenes in Outlander. That includes Jaime's cave and and where Furgus had his arm amputated.

Due to Midhope Castle receiving potentially up to 200 visitors a day I would highly, highly recommend you arrive as close to opening times as possible.


Most tour buses will generally arrive in the afternoon and there have been reports of visitors waiting for up to 20 minutes for their Selfie on the steps so get there early!

Flower art images from Midhope Castle:

When photographing Midhope:


Information regarding rules of photographing Midhope Castle maybe found on the Hopetoun House website HERE. The link will also outline guidelines for visiting. 

I believe as visitors to Scotland it's so important we respect their privacy and lifestyle. There have been a couple of destinations who have either closed their doors to Outlander fans or like Midhope taking extra measures to keep visitors at certain times. 

Arriving as early as possible means you are more likely to be able to take photos with as few people on site as possible. Please do not under estimate the popularity of this destination. 

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Live videos from Midhope Castle:

Jaime's Cave:

Midhope Castle:

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