Outlander tour wishing well:

I want to make things easier for you to experience feeling like you're on the set of Outlander!!

Christmas is a time where often families exchange gifts of money.

If you are working to get your funds together for the tour, you can direct your loved ones to this page where they can make a gift towards your "Wishing Well"!

Make sure you read all information regarding deposits, pricing and all information about the tour HERE. You can also download the full itinerary.

We will be driven by Scotland's longest running and multi award winning tour company. 

Ask your loved ones to click on the following image to take you to the deposit area. Remember, pricing is subject to exchange rates and in Australian dollars, and a deposit of $1500 is needed to enter a payment plan.  Whilst the gift voucher says $100, you can request to change the amount. 

You can also request a complimentary Skype session to discuss the tour with no obligation to book or make enquiries to Laine at: laine@laphotographygc.com.

Christmas Gift

Outlander Through The Stones gift voucher:

Your loved ones can also purchase a lifetime gift voucher for you as an alternative to the Wishing Well.

Direct them to click on the following image for your gift voucher to be started.

They can contact me at: laine@laphotographygc.com.