Outlander September 20- 27th tour:

Download the full itinerary HERE. 

The itinerary includes: Dates of travel, Outlander locations we will be at on each day, our accomodations for each day.

Full information including pricing, payment plans, what's included and what's not included can also be found in the itinerary so it's a really important read!

All of your questions should be included in the itinerary but for any that aren't, please contact laine at: laine@laphotographygc.com.

Payment and payment plans:



Reserve your spot and make payment in FULL here £2333

Reserve your spot and make your NON refundable deposit for a payment plan of $500 here

All payments must be finalised by 31st July 2020.

This price also includes £35 towards each dinner for 6 nights.


Side note: The £50 is not cash transferable. If your dinner only costs £30 you do not receive £20 back.

If you decided to eat elsewhere, we do not cover your meals.

Questions? Please make sure you have read the full itinerary. If I find I am being asked questions which are included, I may simply refer you back to the itinerary because it's so important to read.

Would you like to set up a Skype Consultation to discuss any aspect of the tour with me before deciding to book?

Please email Laine at: laine@laphotographygc.com and I will happily book a complimentary Skype session with no obligation to book in your time zone. 

What you will need to bring to Scotland:


~ Comfortable, waterproof shoes and pants. 

~ Your ID and passport. 

~ Any camera and photography equipment you wish to use. 

~ Layered clothing is best when in Scotland- even in Summer! I have found waterproof pants to be a life saving item whilst there. 

~ You can expect the September weather to be fairly mild but absolutely breath taking views as Scotland goes into Fall. 

~ Ladies, I really don't think there will be much occasion for high heeled shoes when in Scotland except when we are at dinner if you are looking for something less to pack.

~ Thermal clothing and thermal underwear would probably not go astray. 

With regards to the weather in Scotland, it really is best to be prepared for all seasons!

Umbrellas are generally not recommended because if it gets extremely windy you may find it gets blown away! 

A waterproof jacket with waterproof hat is probably the best alternative.

For any enquiries, please contact Laine at: laine@laphotographygc.com




Sassenach, I have organised for you from one Sassenach to another.

Timberbush have not organised this tour. 

I do not benefit financially from organising this tour. That said, I am paid some funds towards the cost of running this tour. 

I would actually be better off financially by not organising this tour but I love Outlander and Scotland too much.

I am also doing this because I see a desperate need. 

7 day Outlander tours are very, very rare.


I have seen one other company organise them very successfully, so much so most of their tours are booked out!


They can keep their costs further down because they do not need to hire a tour company  (Timberbush are Scotland's longest running tour company) and I'm not sure if they include accomodation.

I do this tour both as a visitor to Scotland who now knows Scotland pretty well but also teamed up with our Scottish friends to drive us around on this tour.  

You will enjoy some luxury accomodation as we venture throughout Scotland together enjoying the sites of Outlander. 

Want more Outlander stuff? 

Feel welcome to explore this site of my work of locations as seen in Outlander. 

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Does going to Scotland feel like a "pie in the sky" kind of dream? Watch this video to learn just how easy it is to get there before you know it.


To find out about the Wishing Well or where your loved ones can purchase gift vouchers on your behalf towards your tour deposit head HERE.