Season 3: Claire embraces life as a Mother:

Often in a novel or TV series, a short but sweet scene is in fact one with a picture that tells a thousands words. 

We know what Claire has been through in order to become a Mother, given everything she endured through the loss of Faith. 

She now has to adjust to life without Jamie, and as requested by Jamie she makes Bree her purpose. Jamie asked her to do so and thus she did. 

Bree was of course the only connection she could feel with Jamie at this point in time, whilst living the life she only chose to in order to ensure Bree's survival. 

This scene on the surface may seem insignificant, but we see Claire for whom she is at this point: A devoted Mother who is finally able to enjoy the experiences that Motherhood has to offer.


She has wanted this for so long.

However, the scene seems to be missing something: Jamie.


I don't know about you, but I actually feel this when I see Claire in this part of the episode. I feel like it is a scene where Jamie should be there enjoying with her.


Therefore as well as a sense of gratitude that she can finally live out her role as a Mother, there is also unanimously a sense of empty sadness- like there is more to this story. 

Enjoy the live Vlog from this very pretty located used.

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Sassenach, many of you may have had travel plans to visit these locations postponed or cancelled because of current world events. 

Here is what I would like you to do. It is important now more than ever to focus on positivity, to keep our dreams alive. 

How would you feel if for example if just like Claire, Jamie, Jenny, Ian and all the Fraser Clan you were living in Lallybroch? How would feel about another place that maybe your favourite?

Close your eyes and focus on that feeling. Let it submerge you in it and radiate out. 

If you have had your travel plans delayed, Scotland will be there once this is all resolved. In the meantime, I would like you to regularly visit my website and keep these visuals strongly in your mind. It will remind you that soon enough you will be visiting these locations that mean so much to you. 

I started my outlanderthroughthestones work as a result of being fan who had been living too much through Outlander. It took me out of my shell and from out behind the TV screen and into the world starting this work. 

I did because as an Artist, I didn't find what I wanted to in the "Outlander market" and that is beautiful, professional imagery from one Sassenach to another. 

These locations have a voice, they have an expression which I hope to shine through in my work. I have been told by others my imagery helps them feel transported there. I didn't find this and thus I began to create outlanderthroughthestones which has been the result of spending a lot of the last 2 and a half years here to create something who felt the same way as me. 

Go back to that vision and the feeling you had earlier whilst visualising.

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I look forward to seeing you on the other side, Sassenach! Warmest regards, Laine Allen.