Tia's Edinburgh Outlander location tour & Outlander inspired portraits

I think we can all agree the A. Malcolm episode of Outlander Season 3 was by far one of the most emotively powerful throughout Outlander. 

Jamie's print shop has therefore easily become one of the favourite locations for Outlander fans with so many memories associated with this destination. 

During your Edinburgh Outlander Season 3 location walking tour, you will receive 3 portraits at Jamie's print shop. 

Sassenach, be just like Claire  walking up these steps as she looked longingly at the entrance. She proceeds cautiously knowing  she was about to be  reunited with Jamie for the first time in  20 years. 

Her heart would have been pounding and she would have been feeling a mixture of excitement and fear. 

Tia is not a model, works in mental health care and come to Edinburgh to see the sights of Scotland.

Tia's testimonial:

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Individual: $15

Group: $10

When making your booking use the title "Edinburgh Outlander tour". 

I look forward to seeing you on the other side, Sassenach! Warmest regards, Laine.